2nd Location @Colosseum Gym 525 Irvington Ave

Impressions, Body Solutions' 2nd location inside Colosseum Gym, Newark, NJ offers Massage & Body Work Services, as well as Waxing. All other services we offer are currently only at our Clark, NJ loca... Show more


Schedule a time to pick up your products to make sure you can get them without wondering if a client session will be in progress when you arrive.

Massage & Body Work

IBS understands that the type of massage you feel like you need when you schedule your appointment, may change by the time you get here, so we don't charge you according to the modality or type of mas... Show more

Intense Therapy

INTENSE THERAPY Shorten your recovery and healing time. For chronic issues you want intense therapy with immediate results. While deep tissue massage therapy is optimal in treating chronic pain, si... Show more

Skin Care (Facials)

We offer skin care for both women and men, teens, and boys and girls...because everyone wants radiant, clear, youthful, healthy skin.
With facials for the face, back, and bum, we treat all skin types...
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Body Waxing & Hair Removal

Go bare "down there", or anywhere with waxing services from head to toe, and we don't discriminate; we wax ladies, and gentlemen.

Jazmyn Lashes & Brows

All things lashes and brows:
Lash Extensions and lash perming (lift), as well as tinting
Microblading and Microshading (Ombre)


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